Glad you are here!

I'm CinDery the Burmese cat.
Peruvian, born in 1996, bachelor in Arts and Design- specialized in motion graphics animation, illustration and character design.
Hope we get along well!

Customer: Any person that starts a paid service request with my business by stating in written form the kind of work they want me to do and having its corresponding fee paid using any of my available official Platforms. The Customer can only make a Payment when its corresponding link is provided.
Invoice: A PDF document that states the Project request in written form, its corresponding fee and week/month/year of digital deliverance (e.j: 2nd week of July, 2022).
Payment link: An URL from my official payment platforms that states a fixed amount of requested money and corresponds to a single or bulk Project requests. When a Payment link is sent to the Customer, it means both Customer and myself have agreed on the project and the service request will be started.
Project: Detailed service to be provided to the Customer in written, descriptive form in no more than 300 characters. It should be discussed with the Customer and myself before the project begins.
Resolution: Size (defined as pixel height and width) and density (defined in points per inch, PPI) of the delivered digital archives that correspond to their respective Project. A low resolution archive will be between 10% to 25% the final Project's original size and should be no more than 50 ppi in density.

PayU and PayPal platforms only.No payment plans available.PayU is my recommended way to paying for my services, as you may be able to use your own debit or credit card account if there's no ease of access to PayPal on your country and is still a secure, protected payment method for both of us. However, if you are from Argentina or out of bounds of the limited supported European countries, you may subject to additional fees that will be stated on PayU checkout and that you will have to pay before you proceed. You can request me a PayPal link if it suits your needs better.Every project will have its own invoice attached and emailed to you. As a Customer, you should confirm by written means that you received and read the invoice contents and tell any fixes accordingly. Upon confirmation, its respective payment link will be provided.Upon payment, I'll make a low resolution sketch of your requested article in up to 7 days. If you don't get the sketch or I don't get a successful agreement to continue working before the 7 day period, payment is available for refunding. If money is reimbursed, I get the rights to only and any of the work made during the sketch phase and make it a YCH. No refunds available once the sketch is approved.
Upon sketch approval, I'll begin working on the Project and send low resolution images of the process as per own consideration of relevant progress. You may write and request for progress notice, but I won't be obligued to send any files if less than 7 working days have passed.After sketch approval and Project start, any minor changes can be requested as long as the main structure of the given sketch and the written description of the Project is kept. Any major changes are subject to be considered as a new Project.Final delivery of the high resolution file will be given in its corresponding week, month and year assigned in the Invoice.I may refuse to do any petition if they don't convince me.
After Work
Only the Customer may use the Project as an icon, banner, wallpaper or any other public means on any public environment that isn't related or subject to an actual or near future commercial or profitable activity.No one may claim any of my past artworks or Projects as their own doing or work. This applies to any sketch, work in progress file or not ended work made by me.The customer may repost, share or upload the commission on their own network, as long as my artist handle, signature and/or any of my social links are attached to it.
I'll do
Anthro, Feral, Humans, Fantasy creatures, Character design of any species.
Ask for any other topics if not listed below!

I won't do
Vore, Scat/Copro, Inflation, Property or material damage related topics, characters of one or multiple different owners without written consent (screenshot chats not allowed).